The son of a minister, Randy has always worked hard and had many successful business endeavors. By the time he was a senior in high school, Randy was managing a shoe store, attending classes and working twelve hours a day. After attending college, he owned and operated a very successful “dinner house” restaurant and night club. After the restaurant venture, Randy built and operated a prosperous “indoor” 18-hole miniature golf course and amusement centers in multiple locations. This operation did so well that it became a nationwide model and was visited by people from all over the country who wanted to build a similar business.

In the 1980′s, Randy was involved in the financial services arena, which allowed him to retire at an early age to pursue some of his dreams. He invested a few years studying his family’s genealogy and traveling around the country meeting relatives. Also, during this time, he and a friend started a rain forest preservation project, in South America, that was responsible for saving many miles of valuable land from the ravages of illegal diamond miners.

In early 1995, through a chance encounter with a former business associate, Randy Jeffers took a look at the de-regulation that was going on in the telecommunications industry. As he delved into telecommunications, he started to develop some initial concepts and plans for implementing a venture that would meet his ideals for the perfect company. He called an old friend that was the CFO of a phone company in Oakland, California, to discuss his ideas. Randy was invited to California to take a look and as fate would have it, his visit coincided with an international phone card show. Randy attended the show, got totally excited about the possibilities of using phone cards as the vehicle to accomplish a business that could provide everything necessary for hard working people to take charge of their lives, reach their full potential, and Make Their Dreams Come True! His company, Destiny Telecom, became one of the biggest success stories in the “home-based” business world! In less than 2 years, his company recruited the largest sales force in the shortest period of time of any company in the Network Marketing industry and paid more people, more money in the shortest period of time than any other. Many thousands of people had incredibly positive things happen in their lives because of Randy Jeffers’ dream, and many of them became totally financially independent.

Traveling the world and speaking before tens of thousands of people, Randy Jeffers has always brought hope and opportunity. With decades of helping people achieve their dreams, he has always believed that average and ordinary people can do extraordinary things if given the right opportunity. Randy is the kind of person who pictures for others a special future, the kind of person who believes in others and gives them a positive vision to step into and be surrounded with hope. He also believes that “to those that have been given much, much is required” and he has lived out that mission. 

He has taken that kind of leadership from the for-profit world and applied it to helping children. In 1997, he and his wife built an orphanage, for Hmong children, in Chiang Mai, Thailand and purchased property for another existing orphanage in Thailand on the Burma border. They also helped support 4 other orphanages as well as do charity work for children in 10 countries. An example of that was teaming up with another organization to pack and distribute thousands of meals to children in Haiti and elsewhere. Randy and his wife are excited to see how God will use them to meet the needs of homeless children, children that have been trafficked and/or become a part of the devastating “slave trade” that still exists.
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