Having had the honor and pleasure of calling Randy Jeffers My Friend is one of my most treasured gifts from above. For more than a decade and far more times than I can count, My Friend has dropped everything to rush to my aide. Randy is and has always been one of, if not the greatest living examples that Jesus taught and John wrote about in John 15:12 & 13 which reads: This is my commandment, that ye love one another, as I have loved you. Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends. Thank God for men who love God and true friends like Randy Jeffers! 

- Hal Jones
Randy Jeffers and I began working together, 20 years ago, when he had the fastest growing Network Marketing Company in the world at that time. I saw his company was reaching heights no one had ever seen and was expanding outside the box. Over the years we have gotten to know each other very well and have become great friends, watching each other’s families grow. Randy has a business mind that most people pray for, as he has helped dozens of others start and grow their own businesses and lent a helping hand of advice as they grew into unfamiliar territory. His ideas continue to impact the future. In addition to business, Randy and his wife have started and maintained several orphanages around the world in order to help the children that had no chance, become safe, healthy and educated in such hostile countries that no one gave them a thought. This he does under the radar to give back the blessings he has received. We have had the pleasure to travel around the world with him and his family and his generosity, humor and positive outlook are always shining bright. If you ever have an opportunity to meet Randy, or to do business with him, you’re in for a real treat as he will introduce you to people you’ve only read about, treating you like your family never did. 

 - Michael Kinnett
Randy Jeffers is a Businessman, Entrepreneur, and Mentor. He helps a lot of people learn how the business process works. I salute Mr. Randy Jeffers for being a good mentor.

- Arielle Duave
I have known Mr. Jeffers for over two decades in both business and private situations and I know him to be both a great mentor and a great friend. He is the most generous and caring Person I have known as evidenced by his work with underprivileged children in many parts of the world. He is a loving family man and an exceptional Business man. I am very proud and fortunate to call him Friend. There is nothing I wouldn't do for such a great man.
- John Shaw

I've known the amazing Randy Jeffers personally for more than 10 years. He helped mold me into the man I am today, in more ways than he knows. I admire him and see him as my mentor. When I was depressed in desperate time of need, I called Randy and told him what was going on in my marriage and, without hesitation, he flew that same day from Nevada to Oregon to come have dinner with me and counsel me threw this tough time. That really meant a lot to me, that someone really cared enough about me, to come see me from so far away. That alone made a world of difference and gave me hope for the future. I will never forget you Randy! If there's anything I can do for you, I won't hesitate to be there for you, as well. Life is Great, God Bless you!

Sincerely from the bottom of my heart...

-Elvis Serrato
Randy and I have become great friends and business partners. He is an amazing man, a kind hearted and giving person. He has given me lots of great advice for life and business from all his vast experiences. I feel truly blessed to have Randy Jeffers as a friend, partner and brother! 
- Dennis Clements

When Randy Jeffers came into my life, he changed the lives of hundreds of children. Through his generous giving we remodeled an orphanage, gave children a Christmas holiday they will never forget and supported those children monthly. Mr. Jeffers continues to have the same heart for children until today.

- Dr. Cyndi Romine, President and CEO, Called To Rescue
Randy Jeffers is my friend and my teacher. Honestly, from the moment we were introduced, we were lifelong friends! What a gift he is! To be able to make someone feel as though they are somebody that matters, someone that can do anything, made me feel like I was an old friend he could trust with anything. Not just anyone can do that! He is easy to talk to, laughing or crying. I feel like I can tell him anything knowing 100% he will listen intently with no judgements. I can tell he really cares for people. Randy Jeffers possesses many qualities that one could only dream of developing in his/her lifetime. Randy has taught me more in 2 months than I learned in my college career. He always asks the right questions to make me not only think but actually understand. Randy is one of the most generous men I know, with his heart, wealth, knowledge, and health. His deepest desire is for others to have success and because of that, he is successful! What a gift he is, not just for me, but to everyone he meets. Everyday, I am thankful I know him. He changed my life!

- Melanie O'Connor
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